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FaithWay Christian Academy educators assists parents in their God-given mandate as we reinforce Christian values taught in scripture at church and in the Christian home. Our teachers create a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and encourages academic excellence and spiritual growth. Please take a moment to hear a word about the school from our administrator and our school principal.

Educator Core Values

Steadfast Integrity

We are Christ-like, true, and honorable at school and at home. We live our lives based on Biblical and moral principles and hold ourselves accountable for our own actions.

Enthusiastic Leadership

Psalms 100:2 is an encouragement to us to worship and serve God joyfully. We love what we do and see every situation as a way to display Christ in us!

Growth Mindset

We treat personal and professional growth as our God-given and individual responsibility. We seek opportunities for continuous improvement.

Passionate Commitment

We take ownership of delivering our best work both school-wide and in our classrooms. We embrace our role as servant-leaders and problem solvers.

Prioritizing Relationships

We believe that our students, parents, and our team are our greatest assets. We look for ways to serve and exceed expectations. We strive to see the best in others.

Win at Home

We believe our greatest work is within the walls of our home. We do our best at school without compromising our duties to the family God has given us.

Qualification and Qualities

Values and Philosophy:

– Born-again believer in Jesus Christ and regular attendance at an independent, Bible-believing, Baptist church

– Creative and innovative leader who possesses a passion for excellent Christian education and resonates with FaithWay Christian Academy’s mission and core values

– Educator who recognize that parents are their children’s primary teachers and steadfast, Christ-like homes are the backbone of a strong society

– Self-driven leader who loves children and serves with joy, compassion, humility, and empathy

– A person of spiritual maturity who is committed to being a lifelong learner

– Willing to be a member of FaithWay Baptist Church


– Teaching or student teaching experience at the appropriate grade level

Cultivates a culture where learning is fun, relevant, and rewarding

– Displays effective classroom management strategies

– Strong interpersonal skills, written and verbal communication skills, and organization skills

– Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite or Google Workspace

Education: Bachelors Degree or higher in Elementary or Secondary Education or specialized major

FaithWay Christian Academy does not discriminate in its employment practices or student programs on the basis of gender, race, culture, or ethnicity. FCA hires employees and enrolls students from families that are in agreement with the school’s Purpose and Philosophy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your available positions?

Because of our growing enrollment, FCA is currently looking for teachers for the following grades: 7th, 8th. We encourage applicants to communicate which grade levels they prefer in their application and cover letter. You can complete your Teacher Application Form by logging in to your account.

What can I expect from the application process?

We keep all completed applications for a minimum of one year. If you are selected as a qualified candidate, our Hiring Staff will reach out to you through the portal and by phone or email.  Please make sure your application is complete and all pertinent questions are answered. You can view your Teacher Application Form by logging in to your account.

What background checks are required for teachers?

The current Indiana Department of Education employment clearances are the following: National Criminal & Sex Offender Database Search, County & Statewide Criminal Records

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Password must be at least 7 characters long.