Supporting FaithWay Christian Academy

Many exceptional leaders serve as mentors to younger individuals, following the example of Paul and his “beloved son” in the faith, Timothy. Through Paul’s guidance, Timothy grew into a committed follower of Christ, illustrating the profound influence of mentorship and the lasting legacy it can create for leaders.

God has placed that same call on us: to collaborate with parents in nurturing not just academic progress but also spiritual, social, and character development all for God’s glory. At FCA, we are more than a school; we are a supportive community dedicated to investing our time, expertise, and resources in the next generation of Christ-centered leaders — our children, who represent our enduring legacy.

We warmly extend an invitation for you to join us in championing the future of our children through our initiative, the Timothy Scholarship Fund. You are not only investing in the future leaders of of our school but also in the future leaders of our country.

Your generous contributions to school needs and our fundraisers make a significant impact on the lives of students both now and for future generations who have a love for learning, a heart for service, and a strong moral compass. You are not only investing in education but also in the future leaders, innovators, and trailblazers who will make a positive impact for the Lord in their communities and beyond.

Our current Generosity for Generations events:

If you want to support the FaithWay Christian Academy Generosity for Generations but would prefer to give a gift in-kind rather than a cash gift, here’s a list of items that would help our students.

Our current school list:

  • 10 Apple Ipads (new or used)
  • Charging Cart for Ipads
  • 6 classroom air purifiers