Admissions Requirements

Admissions Requirements

FaithWay Christian Academy is a uniquely religious, educational institution that seeks to provide a quality education in a distinct Christian environment. One of the goals of FaithWay Christian Academy is to work with parents and guardians to train Christian young men and women to be salt and light in their communities. FaithWay Christian Academy believes that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and sets forth absolute truth by which Christians are to live. FaithWay Christian Academy seeks to enroll students who are committed to the Lord and faithful to the local church (Amos 3:3).

These principles are specified in these general guidelines:

#1 Church Affiliation

FaithWay Christian Academy exists primarily for the edification of the faithful families of FaithWay Baptist Church and other churches who agree with our statement of faith. We desire that FaithWay Christian Academy students and families maintain a unity of mind and spirit regarding doctrine, philosophy, and standards for worship.

#2 Faithful Church Attendance

The parent’s should demonstrate their love for the Lord, commitment to spiritual growth, and desire to train their children by faithfully attending FaithWay Baptist Church or a ministry that agrees with our statement of faith. FaithWay Christian Academy admits and retains only students who, along with their parents, faithfully attend their local church services.

#3 Transferring in Good Standing

FaithWay Christian Academy only admits a student who transfers from the former school in good standing. The school is not designed to meet the special needs of students with unusual behavior, spiritual, academic, social, or physical problems. In evaluating a potential student, admission testing and interviews are customarily required.

#4 Willingness to Meet Enrollment Expectations

At FaithWay Christian Academy we seek to set and maintain standards for student conduct, dress, philosophy of life, procedures, and scholarship that honor the Lord and demonstrate a spirit of excellence. FaithWay Christian Academy admits only those students who want to be enrolled. In addition, students and parents must willingly sign the Statement of Faith and Standards of Conduct agreement. Students must continue to indicate this desire via the annual re-enrollment process.

#5 Five years old by Aug. 1 (Kindergarten)

Kindergarten applicants for the 2024 – 2025 school year must be five years old by August 1.

#6 Letters of Recommendation (Grade 7th - 8th)

One of our admissions requirements for all our incoming Jr. High students is two letters of recommendation from pastors, children’s pastors, school teachers or Sunday School teachers. We value these letters of recommendation as honest sentiments of a student’s Christian character, attitude, and work ethic. You can direct teachers or spiritual leaders to email their letters of recommendations to